CEM has developed a set of research methods called the BETTER INSIGHT STRATEGY®. The set consists of eight special methods of marketing research. They serve to investigate eight groups of basic marketing problems for each enterprise and financial institution. Utilizing these methods supports the creation of a real Marketing Information System in a company or a financial institution.


Better Insight Strategy® Methods

  1. MONITOR Customer Satisfaction, Trust & Loyalty
  2. MONITOR Employee Satisfaction, Trust & Loyalty
  3. BRAND IMAGE MASTER - Designing brand image and advertising
  6. CUSTOMER MIND (research into brand and advertisement awareness, attitudes towards a brand, purchase intention and brand position change over time)
  7. DESIGNER Product, Package & Price
  8. DEMAND - TWO Sales Forecast


Features of the Better Insight Strategy® Methods


Better Insight Strategy® is a system of tools that serve to build strong positions for companies.

  • Customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty are the main aims of organization. The Better Insight Strategy® system has been developed for companies so they can build their marketing information system based on this methodology to develop customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty (marketing keeps strategy) and to win over the competitors' customers (radical marketing).
  • The completeness of the system: the Better Insight Strategy® is a complete system. Each of the eight main marketing issues corresponds to a specific research method.
  • Complementariness and integration: the Better Insight Strategy® system consists of methods that are complementary and integrated. The methods are based on uniform theoretical and methodological models so it is possible to synthesize various studies made at different times.


The Better Insight Strategy® is a transparent and friendly system for entrepreneurs and marketers.

  • Friendly for marketers and managers: the Better Insight Strategy® system is friendly for marketers and managers, as research reports are directly transformed into marketing recommendations.
  • Validity of results and marketing recommendations: the methods are created in such a way that the user can be sure that the results are valid at the present moment.
  • Cost-effectiveness: the Better Insight Strategy® system is adjusted to medium marketing research budgets.


The Better Insight Strategy® is a tool that works harmoniously with Total Quality Management, ISO and Customer Relationship Management systems.

  • The system is created in such a way as to support the use of the rules of TQM, ISO and CRM in managing the company. The Better Insight Strategy® methods allow for a comprehensive and systemic grasp of all production process factors (material and human resources), their promotion and distribution as well as their influence on the economic results of a company.
  • This system differentiates the influence of the human factor in two dimensions: the influence of employees and of customers on economic success. From this point of view the BeInSt® system is an essential element of TQM, ISO and CRM.


The Better Insight Strategy® methods are based on indications that have proven value for accuracy, reliability, forecasting potential and the rule of repeated measurement.

  • The Better Insight Strategy® is a system that allows for the continuous collecting of information about the outer environment, about the internal situation of the company, as well as about the level of adjustment to the market conditions.